Get Happy!

Really ridiculously
fun happy hours

Where the beach
meets the dance floor!

Nom nom

Tasty food at
awesome prices!

Get on down to Beaches Bar & Grill

From Midday till Midnight, 7 days a week!


  • Live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
  • Free WIFI
  • Games
  • Dancing
  • Generous Happy Hours
  • World famous Sunday seshs’
  • Hungry? Beaches’ a la carte kitchen serves up a delicious menu of tender steaks, curries, chicken parmas, fresh fish and chips, salads, vegetarian dishes and more

Plus, our $17 meal and drink deal for guests is the best backpacker bargain around!



Beaches Bar and Grill—one of the countless reasons why a stay at Beaches is unlike any other
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Spicy bean puree and a mild salsa served with jalapenos, guacamole & sour cream

Chicken Caesar Salad
Grilled chicken breast served with crisp Romaine lettuce

Thai Beef Salad
Marinated beef in a fresh crunchy salad

Grilled Chicken Burger
Bacon, lettuce & tomato & mayonnaise served with chips

Beaches “Kick Arse” Hamburger
Real beef, bacon, egg, cheese, tomato & lettuce served with chips

Chicken Schnitzel
Served with chips & salad

Chicken Parma
Served with chips & salad

300g Rump Steak
Your choice of garden salad & fries or seasonal veg & mashed potato

300g T-Bone Steak
Your choice of garden salad & fries or seasonal veg & mashed potato

Chicken Chicken Curry
Served with vegetables on Jasmine rice

Good Ol’ Fish + Chips
Beer battered Flathead served with fresh salad & chips

Crumbed Calamari
Served with fresh salad & chips

Pasta Carbonara
Traditional creamy bacon & egg fettuccine pasta

Spaghetti Bolognese
Traditional meat sauce served over pasta

Veggie Burger
Served with chips

Onion gravy, red wine jus, creamy garlic, pepper, dianne or mushroom sauce ONLY $1 EXTRA


Potato Wedges $8
With sour cream and sweet chilli

Hot chips $6

Garlic bread $5
with a balsamic reduction

Bacon & Chilli Cheese Bread $8